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《Read and Write Sight Word Set 1 and 2》常见词、高频词阅读及书写练习册,共两册,约200页,每张图片上都有线稿图片,可以用来涂色,增加孩子的学习兴趣,有效提高英文阅读书写能力~~

Read and Write Sight Word Sentences Set 1

Read and Write Sight Word Sentences Set 1 Includes:

  • My Dog (look, at, my, cat, is)
  • My Cat (this, is, my)
  • Dan’s Van (this, is, he, has, a)
  • The Sun (I, can, see, the, big, and, yellow)
  • The Bat (I, see, the, is)
  • The Bug (here, is, the, red, and)
  • The Apple (this, is, an, the, red)
  • My Pet (this, is, my, went, to, the)
  • The Pen (I, see, the, a, the, is, blue)
  • The Wet Dog (look, at, that, is)
  • The White Web (the, is, it, under, there)
  • Make the Bed (I, must, make, my, will, the, now)
  • The Fox (look, there, is, a, the, in)
  • The Net (she, had, a, the, was, new)
  • The Cab (he, had, a, the, was)
  • Two Men (there, was, two, they, went, on, a
  • My Dad (she, has, a, like, her)
  • Yellow to Read (it, was, yellow, now, it, is, red)
  • The Jet (she, saw, a, will, ride, in, the)
  • The Bib (he, ate, with, a, the, white, is, now)
  • Mad (she, was, now, is)
  • The Hen (the, hen, is, it, a, big)
  • The Lab (there, is, a, what, was, in, the)
  • My Cat (I, have, a, my, went, to, the)
  • The Boy (where, is, the, help, me, find, him)
  • The Pig (the, is, there, did, you, see)
  • The Pit (the is, do, not, eat, the)
  • The Cob (he, ate, the, was, big
  • A Wig (she, had, a, the, was)
  • The Job (she, was, a, new, will, like the)
  • A Hot Pot (the, was, it, a)
  • The Box (there, is, a, what, in, the)
  • The Sub (he, made, a, ate, the)
  • A Bug (I, see, a, the, is)
  • New Tub (they, got, a, the, is, white
  • The Mug (where, is, the, I, want, the, red
  • A Bun (he, made, a, will, eat, the)
  • The Orange Pup (we, want, a, the, is)
  • The Bus (did, you, see, the, it, was, a, yellow)
  • The Hut (we, saw, a, it, was)
  • A Tux (he, saw, at, it, was, a)
  • We Dug (the, I, will, help, him)
  • A Rug (he, has, a, the, is)
  • Sam’s Cat (has, a, I, like, his)
  • The Can (I, see, the, can, the, is)
  • Pam’s Dog (has, a new, her, is, big)
  • The Lad (we, saw, a, the, is, here)
  • Red Lip (look, at, the, is, red)
  • Help Zip (it, will, not, can, you, help, me)
  • The Fan (we, need, a, it, is, in, here)
  • The Jam (I, ate, the, want, all)
  • Our Car (we, have, a ride, in, the)
  • The Maps (he, has, a, she, too)
  • Orange Fox (the, can, it, is, an)
  • Big Hat (the, was, big, did, not)
  • Rat Rat (I, see, a, the, was)
  • Cat Nap (the, can, will, soon)
  • Little Cub (I, see, a, the, little, is)
  • The Big Van (the, is, big, we, all, in, the)
  • My Mat (this, is, my, I, like, yellow)
  • Tim’s Key (has, a he, will, look, for, his)
  • The Lid (there, is, a where, the)
  • A Cow (I, see, a, it, is, white)
  • The Fad (there, is, a, I, went, with, a)
  • The Run (the, can, he, ran, all, the, way, there)
  • The Cat Ate (the, ate, it, all)
  • The Dog (the, will, can, I, play, with)
  • Black Hat (he, has, a, the, is)
  • The Blue Car (did, you, see, the, I, was)
  • His Lab (he, has, a, went, to, his)
  • The Map ( I, need, a, can, you, find, the)
  • The New Bat (he, has, a, new, will, play, with, the)
  • The Dip (there, was, to, eat, the, good)
  • Sap (the, is, can, you, see)
  • The Kit (I, saw, the, what, is, in, that)
  • We Sit (he, will, I, with, him)
  • A Cop (he, is, a, good, has, a)
  • A Hot Day (it, is, a, hot, too, out)
  • The Box (she, has, a, what, is, in, the)
  • We Mop (my, has, to, I, will, help, my)
  • Sam’s Hop (we, she, and, jump)
  • His Web (he, is, in, his, went, under, the)
  • We Hem (my, can, I, will, help)
  • A Sub (I, want, a, can, you, get)
  • Kim Ran (we, went, on, a, where, will, she, to)
  • Tim’s Bus (has, a, his, is)
  • My Mom (have, you, my, you, will, like)
  • New Bed (I, got, a, new, it, is, pretty)
  • A Jet (I, saw, a, the, was, white)
  • The Big Top (her, is, too, big, will, not)
  • A Fig (she, will, find, a, do, you, have)
  • The Log (she, saw, a, will, jump, on)
  • The New Dog (I, got, a new, he, is, big, and, funny)
  • The Hog (the, likes, he, will, not, get, out)
  • They Wed (it, is, a, big, she, was, to, him)
  • The Cat Ate (she, ate, with, a, what, is, on, the)
  • The Mix (has, to, will, help)
  • The Dot (the, has, a can, you, see)
  • Liz Ate (will, eat, now, what, will, she)

Read and Write Sight Word Sentences Set 2

Read and Write Sight Word Sentences 2 Includes:

  • His Cape (he, an, old, did, you, see, his)
  • Her Bike (she, her, will, it, again)
  • Going for a Walk (may, I, a, walk, you, after, we, eat)
  • Fly Bug! (the, could, fly, he, so, far)
  • Our Home (did, he, live, by, our, not, us)
  • My Mom (I, will, thank, her, again)
  • The Lake (where, are, we, going, to, the)
  • The Case (put, down, the, do, not, open)
  • My Vine (the, will, live, give, a)
  • My Rose (you, may, take, a, put, it, in, round)
  • The Log (she, has, an old, will, fly, over, it)
  • Ask Mom (she, will, ask, her, could, you, your)
  • The Cave we, live, over, by, a, it, has, an, open)
  • The Pig (I, saw, a, once, the, had, big)
  • We Walk (they, will, walk, there, may, I, too)
  • Rake (he, has, his, can, some, of, them)
  • They Met (do, you, know, him, I, have)
  • Her Dogs (she, has, give, I, saw, all, of, her)
  • I See (could, you, see, her, I, saw, going, over, there)
  • The Hive were, is, the, over, us)
  • The Dive (may, I, over, you, not, me)
  • The Rice (did, she, eat, any, of, her, ate, ever, of, it
  • The Kite (his, will, fly, by, them, where, did, it, from)
  • The Bite (he, will, take, a may, again)
  • The Pig Pen (take, every from, the, do, not, have, any, it)
  • His Home (we, are, going, to, his, had, a, red)
  • Her Day (how, was, her, good)
  • The Mule (he, has, an old, his, is, round)
  • Our Pets (may, we, have, any, every, could, live, with, us)
  • The Gift (he, will, give, her, a she, will thank, him, for, it)
  • The Lid (how did, you, open, the, it, just, came, off, of)
  • The Wave (a came, over, him, again, when, will, it, stop)
  • Round Cake (give, him, a, round, take, the, to, him)
  • A Pretty Gift (that, pretty, is, from, her, thank, once, you, open, it)
  • Where I Live (where, do, you, live, I, by, the, round)
  • Just Once may, we, take, some, please, you, just, once)
  • The Trip (you, are, going, on, a, stop, to, take, some)
  • He Hid (he, from, them, do, you, know, where)
  • The Van (the, will, stop, did, it, by, them)
  • By the Desk (where, could, I, put, them, over, by, the)
  • The Round Vase (how, did, the, look, had, a, round)
  • Late (I, may, be, need, to, run, not, walk
  • Bath Time (I, will, give, him, a, he, could, take)
  • Jump (just, jump, up, and, down, do, you, know, how, to)
  • His Cat (he, has, an, his, is, in, the)
  • The Hole (there, is, an, open, do, not, walk, over, the)
  • His Snack (did, he, eat, any, of, his, yes, had, after)
  • The Ant (an, had, some, old, he, could, take, his, down)
  • Fly the Kites (we, could, fly, them, over, here, by, us)
  • Hike (he, went, on, a, his, will, take)
  • Big Jake (do, you, know, of, he, is, as, big, his)
  • Pick Up (could, I, play, with, him you, may, after, you, pick, up)
  • The Bike (I, had, an, old, could, you)
  • The Dog Waved (were, there, any, there, six, new)
  • Eat and Play (we, are, going, to eat, then, ate, will, play)
  • Going Fast (I, am, going, fast, let, me, know, when, to, stop)
  • The Old Gate (go, down, the, them stop, by, the, old)
  • Tape (do, you, have, any, may, I, take, some, please)
  • Mom’s Dice (her, had, some, I, will, ask, her, for, some)
  • Put Them Away (how, do, I, put, them, away, just, give, them, to)
  • Open It: (open, it, once, you, find, it, then, thank, him, for, the)
  • The Old Rake (were, we, going, to, yes, but, our, is, too, old)
  • The Dune (I, went, over, the, let, me, go, over, it, again)
  • The Pen (I, do, not, have, a, did, you, ask, every)
  • Ask Her (when, can, I, ask, her, for, some, after)
  • The Walk (she, wants, to, walk, where, will, from)
  • Cute Wife (once, a, had, she, was, as, a)
  • His Name (he, has, a, how, do, you, his)
  • The Tide (the, is, here, will, the, stop, soon)
  • The Pipe (the, is, open, when, will, he)
  • The Fire (when can, we, make, after, our, walk)
  • Her Robe (she, has, a, blue, could, but, it, on, now)
  • The Wires (were, there, two, it, has, a red, and, white)
  • The Sale (where, were, they, from, came, the)
  • The Mop (I, will, put, the, away, then, let, them, in)
  • Open the Gate (did, the, open, I, can, not, it)
  • Every Tale (every, has, a, good, did, you, know, that)
  • The Cone (I, had, that, big, the, was, so, good)
  • Our Home (we, live, in, our, new, it, is, by, that)
  • The Fume (there, was, a, it, came, from, the)
  • The Cage (who, let, the, out it, got, of, the)
  • When? (when, did, you, get, here, we, were, after, you)
  • Her Tale (you, can, ask, to, read, a, then, may, a)
  • The Date (what, is, the, let, us, know, when)
  • In Line (we, were, after, them, in, then, they, let, us, by)
  • The Mice (I, saw, there, were, there, any)
  • The Balls (the, were, all, they, round, on, every)
  • Her Dime (she, had, her, how, could, she, use, it)
  • The Code (I, have, the, can, open)
  • Want to Fly? (I, can, help, you, fly, just, let, me, know)
  • Her Tote (she, has, an, old, her, is, yellow)
  • The Cube (help, pick, up, the, I, had, to, put, it, over, there)
  • She Will Bake she, will, now, then, an, stop, to, eat, it)
  • Big Lake (we, are, going, to, the, then, will, walk, by, it)
  • He Dug (he, an, open, how, big, was, the)
  • The Note (I, had, a, from, her, it, said, thank, you)
  • Old Wig (she, had, a her, was, old)
  • Walk (when, will, we, take, a, walk, once, he, is, here)
  • To Win (I, just, want, to, could, we, play, again)
  • The Pose (let, her, how, she, want, will, give, a, good)


  • Read and Write Sight Word Sentences Set1.pdf(111页)
  • Read and Write Sight Word Sentences Set2.pdf(111页)



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